What Is Graffiti?

Graffiti is art that is drawn, painted, or pasted onto a public surface or property.  Due to its exposure to the weather and the general population, it’s art with a short lifespan.  Unless created on an approved space where it can be preserved longer, graffiti in a city will generally remain visible for a few months at best.

While many consider any form of vandalism involving a writing utensil graffiti, I consider graffiti to be separate from tagging, which, unless turned into graffiti through use of color and/or design, is more similar to a “_______ was here” statement or a mark of a group’s territory.
This blog focuses on documenting graffiti that shows planning and design on the part of the artist.  This could take the form of spray painted pictures or names, stenciled images, pasted works of art, and everything in-between.  As long as it shows an intent from the artist to leave more than their tagger name on a surface it has a home on this blog.

The point of this site is not to condone destruction or defacement of property, but to embrace the expression of ideas through art.  Simply put, graffiti is different things to different people—some see it as art, others as something that brings their property value down.  I do not personally encourage putting graffiti on other people’s property, but I will photograph it if I see it because regardless of where it’s located I think it’s a shame to not have a record of something someone put so much work into.

So whether you see the images on this site as beautiful or disrespectful, take a moment to look at them.  They were created for a reason and at least deserve to be noticed.

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